What Makes Odom Entertainment Different?

When hiring a DJ service for any event of any kind, you surely want to ensure your money is being invested well, and you contact and contract with the appropriate company.


We want you to trust us, not just because you are trusting us, but because we take this very seriously. Trust creates comfort, and we want you to be absolutely comfortable with your decision, and trust in us that we will provide the absolute greatest time of your life. We go to great lengths to make sure every detail and request is met, as well as all questions, concerns and curiosities are answered. We understand you may have a last minute request, or an after hours question. And for that we keep our business lines open and emails checked. We have mentioned before you are not just a client, but a friend, and like a friend we want you to know that if you need us, we are here to pick up the phone and talk to, or answer an email immediately.


A wise person once said “Let your passion be the reason for your existence, and your successes the product of your persistence”. We believe in having a genuine passion for the services we provide. It is never just a sale, nor an opportunity, but always a moment to be shared. We love what we do, and we are absolutely honored to have your trust and blessed to have the opportunity to provide entertainment for your event. With Odom Entertainment you will be getting not just someone to play music, but a DJ who is always in practice to create a better service for your moment.


Many companies out there have vast experience and have been around for decades which is incredible! We would never not acknowledge the hard work of others and the growth they’ve received. But what makes us different from them, is you will not come in to an office here and speak with an assistant, you will speak directly with the DJ. Most DJ companies are like a bank. You go to them for the reputation they have, the service they offer, and to get what you need. But you never know what you are getting. At Odom Entertainment we have a protocol and detailed list of questions, and you will meet specifically with the DJ so you know who you are hiring. You will discuss everything with the DJ and Owner to ensure you are getting the most honest answers to your questions. We want you to be comfortable and trust us, and we feel the best way to do that is to meet with you face to face with the DJ you are hiring. Opposed to a stable of DJ’s others have, which you will never meet till the night of your event, meet with us and meet who will be there months in advance and talk directly with the DJ. We appreciate your business, and trust, and want to make it a PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL experience.