Sound Equipment

We use the best equipment that is on the market for our sound. Using Electro Voice zlx15 inch speakers that project beautifully and flood the room with quality sound that satisfies a party of up to 300. Our stands extend as high as 8 foot if necessary. This height control allows us to ensure sound projects over the crowd to reach everyone, instead of low height stands that would hit the front of the crowd and diminish as it continued. With an Electro Voice subwoofer accompanied upon request that will create an even fuller sound, and deliver bass that creates crisp, smooth vocals, and balances frequencies to allow the sound to travel further, better, and stronger. After set up a thorough sound check will be commenced before parties arrive to allow us to gauge the acoustics in the environment and mark volume levels to ensure that the volume control is fantastic to dance to, while still being comfortable to others.

Lighting Equipment

While many companies will add in fine print costs or a package deal for lights, Odom Entertainment provides lights to create a beautiful display for formal dances, as well as lights that will enhance the atmosphere during the party. We use American DJ Revo 4, Chauvet Cubix 2.0 LED, American DJ Can Lights and Micro Galaxian Laser. Combination and placement of these lights throughout the night are guaranteed to create a visual spectacle for your guests to enjoy. Of course as our clients and friends, you have the power to discard any option of light(s) you may or may not want.